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September 18th - October​

Monday - Tuesday:


Wednesday - Sunday:

10:00am - 6:00pm

*Weather Permitting*

If it rains, we will closed the field

**Please be ready to check out by closing time. There is a $20 fee if you stay past 5:15**


7825 144th Ave.

Bristol, WI 53104

Upon arrival at the farm, follow signs to our entrance. Our staff will guide you to park in the designated field. There will be employees in the field to assist you and answer queries.


By the Carload!

Come out and pick your own pumpkins!

We have 20 acres of many pumpkin varieties. You are welcome to drive and park in any designated area to load up your vehicles with pumpkins! We have a pricing structure basked upon all vehicle types so please review our pumpkins prices on our pricing page so you are prepared. We do have small novelty pumpkins as well as some specialty (others say funky) varieties. We do put a limit of 20 on these pumpkins, so you are NOT permitted to fill your entire vehicle with them. 


Be advised that we rotate our pumpkin fields, so it will be located in a different location every year, but never far from our home farm. Also keep in mind that if we get too much rain, we will have to close the field. We encourage customers to check picking conditions and pumpkin status information before they come to the farm.  Please do NOT come before our designated opening times as our employees need time to set up their station prior to opening.

Additional Information:

  • It is helpful to back your car up to the pumpkin field for an easy loading process

  • We do not supply gloves, shears, or wagons, so you will need to come prepared with whatever you may need for a successful visit!

  • Our pumpkins do have very tiny thorns on the stems, so we do recommend a pair of gloves